Terms of Sale and FAQ

Terms of sales :     
By adopting one of my creations, take into account that these are the fruit of an entirely artisanal work that I do from A to Z, so there are no two strictly identical pieces and they are not “calibrated” like industrial objects, they have often irregularities and “imperfections”, which make their charm! 🙂     

Custom orders :

You want a piece that have already been sold ? Or have a personalized request? Please contact me to expose your project!

Payment method :

Payment by card is fully secure via SSL certificate.

The payment methods for my shop are as follows:

CB (stripe)

Paypal payment: you can pay via paypal whether or not having a Paypal account, it works like a simple credit card payment relay.

CB (stripe): Payment by credit card via the Stripe platform, this payment method is fully secure by SSL encryption.

Delivery time & Shipping costs:

Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of the order, the required packaging that I buy and the time it takes me to make you a beautiful personalized package and above all strong, to be sure that your order arrives in perfect condition ! Not being a multinational, I have neither reduction on the packaging, nor special rates at the post office, the costs are therefore calculated honestly and as accurately as possible.

Orders processed during the day or at worst within 2 to 3 days which follow, from the actual dispatch, count from 3 to 5 working days for reception, these deadlines do not include personalized orders for which I would give you an estimate on a case by case basis, in case of delay or problem, I will contact you to keep you informed.

I am of course not responsible for delays in delivery due to La Poste or any other delivery service.

Delivery :

The delivery will be ensured by La poste in a general way, and by a specialized transporter when the orders exceed 500 euros.

All parts are carefully packed in a double carton to avoid damage during delivery, if you wish to leave a small personalized card in your order, you can let me know in a message. I try to reuse most of the time the packaging in good condition for the sake of ecology and anti-waste, if you absolutely want to have a new packaging, you can tell me.

Shipments of objects are in collissimo up to 150 euros of purchase, if you want an additional option, contact me.

Customs Fees :

For shipments abroad, the shipping costs do not include the customs fees which are your responsibility if your order is blocked.

Returns and exchanges:

I pack my products with great care to avoid any risk of breakage, despite this cares, if an item arrives to you in poor condition, please contact me so that we can see together for refunding according to the insurance taken during the order .

There will be no return or refund possible in the case of a personalized order.

In case of return or exchange, the shipping costs are your responsibility.


Do your ceramics go in the microwave and dishwasher?

This is specified on most product sheets, in general, ceramics with gold embellishments should not be treated as this as this could irreparably damage the lusters.

How to wash my handcrafted ceramics?

For most ceramics, they can be washed like any dish ! Just avoid aggressive scraper sponges on gold ceramics.

Can your ceramics go in the oven?

No, you can put hot objects in it: tea bags, hot food, but not in the oven, stoneware and porcelain are materials that fear thermal shock.

Food safety and security:

All my ceramics are food safe (except when I specify the opposite), my glazes are guaranteed lead and cadmium free, in full compliance with French and European legislation, the colors I use to paint my decorations too. I kiln my pieces at a very high temperature which guarantees them great stability.

Ceramics with a particular shape (torn edges, molten glass …) are not recommended for containing liquids, but you can put everything else! (Aperitifs, tea bags, etc.)

I broke my ceramic! Can we fix it?

If the break (s) are clear enough (that the part is not in a thousand pieces), yes! The repair will depend on your use, if it is a cup handle that has fallen, it is the easiest to repair, a point of super glue or better, epoxy glue and off you go!

If the break is in another place, for example a bowl, or a plate, there are strong adhesives with food contact safety (in hardware stores). Or you can try the repair with hot milk (I do not recommend for a too large piece like a plate):

Hold the two parts to be re-welded together with scotch tape, immerse the part in milk and simmer on low heat for 1 hour, stop the heat and leave to soak overnight.

I have personally tested and yes it works!

Do you really make everything ?

Absolutely ! I do not do any resale and all my materials come either from nature: pebbles that I pick up in the sea, driftwood near the rivers around my home, or from local and French craftsmen. The legs of my lamps are made by MarlĂšne Tardy, woodturner at Mont Dauphin (05).

All my disciplines have been learned and perfected over the years and I do not resale for anything.