The story

Born on the edge of the Mediterranean Coast, and after studying Graphic Design and Visual Communication, my passion for drawing and stories led me to work for 8 years as a child author and illustrator.

Over the course of my artistic evolution and my thirst for discovering new techniques pushing me towards linocut printmaking, sculpture and engraving, it was naturally that I ended up meeting … Clay !

During my studies at the Aubagne ceramic school, I discovered the different types of clay and above all porcelain, which I automatically fell in love with!

Today installed as an art craftswoman in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes with Dady Bear and Baby Bear, it is in a natural setting that I continue to develop my universe of stories and nature through this material as beautiful as it is precious.  Always with this desire to create unique objects, borrowed from delicacy and beauty…

Although I have learned « classic » throwing methods, my approach to shaping clay and creating objects is increasingly turning to slow, manual processes, stamping techniques, plates, pinched earth and molded between the fingers and which creates forms that are organic, unique, natural… Because I find that we are already too surrounded by symmetrical, industrial, identical objects.

For all those who are thirsty for unique, unusual objects and the taste and love of the handmade which gives our daily life moments suspended outside of time …

Sophie Leta, French artist ceramist, member of « Ateliers d’Arts de France ».