Petit bol pincé “Ours dormant” – Sophie Leta


The “pinched” forms are my way of working porcelain, it is the oldest modeling technique there is, patiently modeled between the fingers, each piece is unique in its shape and organic style!

Painted with special ceramic pigments, this small bowl is first fired for the first time at 980 °, glazed and then fired a second time at very high temperature: 1250 °. This piece has an iridescent green metallic luster, applied to the glaze and fired a 3rd time at 820 ° to fix the precious metal.

For all ceramics Lovers, handcrafted and unique piece but also nature and poetry that will warm your everyday moments!

Diameter : 10cms

Sent in double cardboard packaged with the greatest care.

Care: Wash with a soft sponge

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