Bol pincé en Porcelaine “Waiting” – Pièce unique Sophie Leta


Piece in pure and translucent special porcelain named “Paros”, shaped using pinched technique, patiently by hand and without potter wheel.
It is patiently painted with a brush with colored slips, each piece is one of a kind by its shape and illustration.

This piece is fired one time at high temperature (1250 °), no glaze on it, it keeps its natural soft touch of natural pocelain.

The true gold luster patterns are applied with a brush on the glaze, the piece must be fired a second time at 820 ° to fix the precious metal.

Diameter : 8 cms
Height : 8 cms

Care : Perfectly foodsafe,it can go in the dishwasher but the microwave is absolutely forbidden. For good preservation
of lusters elements, cleaning with a soft sponge that is not too abrasive is recommended.

Sending in collissimo packaged with the greatest care.

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