Customized Orders

Has a piece you spotted been sold? Or do you want a customize piece with a particular illustration?

Please contact me at to explain your request to me and to know if I can grant you wishes. My work and way of make it being constantly evolving and being shape by hand, sometimes I would not be able to make or remake a shape.

Please keep in mind that I make illustrations based on my style and universe, I do not remake existing characters, portraits or urban decor for example.

Delivery Delay :

On average, the waiting time is 4 to 7 weeks for a simple order, the more parts there are, the more this time is likely to be extended. I keep you updated throughout the making process.

Rates :

My rates are based on the working time, the complexity of illustrations, the time it takes to shape the piece, the number of kiln fires, etc. Some pieces with real gold lusters take up to 3 fires. If it is to remake a piece already sold, the price will be the same as the original piece, if it is an original piece I will inform you of the price before starting to work, and wait for your green light if necessary.

Terms of sales :

Custom orders cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded, except if it is I who am unable to finalize the piece or if it is damaged by firing.

From the actual order, you have 48 hours to send me a message and modify your order, bypassing this period I would have started working on it and it will no longer be modifiable.

Payment :

Orders are payable from the actual order beginning, by paypal or Izettle sms transfer (free and secure).

Shipping :

The mode of delivery is ensured by La Poste, noted that I am not responsible for any delay caused by their services nor for the excess of customs fees.